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This dimensional plane is much like the one found in the Sanctuary but it is less accomodating and not quite so easy to manipulate by most people. Also of note would be the fact that violence is allowed here. There are still some powerful people around that you probably don't want to piss off... but hey, if you want to, go right head. Just don't be surprised if you get people after your ass if you get too tyrannical.

It is still a rather new plane, and will most likely undergo a lot of changes in the near future, though the basic concepts will stay the same.

There are plenty of doors here, but only one leads from the Sanctuary, and it is clearly marked. Also, the following rules are posted...


There are essentially no rules in this place, actually. Only that just about anything goes here unless a moderator steps in to say something. If you're likely to be offended by sex, drugs, alcohol, or anything else along those lines, you might want to go to the Sanctuary instead.

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